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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:29 pm

General Forum Rules
    This forum is a forum for fans to gather, and for them to gather properly, the forum has to be cleaned. These rules below are exactly for that purpose.

Messages Posted and PMed

  • Spamming and Bumping: Spamming is not tolerated in this forum. One-word posts as well as posts that contain only smilies (or a single smilie) must be avoided. You must also avoid posting the same topic twice, we consider this a spam. The minimum delay between two posts is 24 hours, according to the default timezone of this board [UTC+8]. If you ever made a mistake or you want modifications to one of your post, please use the edit button at the top right corner of the post, to avoid double posting. This is a strict rule and if you are warned three times because of this your warning bar will decrease.
  • Language and Grammar: This is an English forum, so please speak in English. Please avoid using SMS Language such as L3375P34K [leetspeak]. Non-English people, as well as English people, must understand what you write. Therefore, we request that you put a degree of care into your English, even if you are not good at speaking in English.
  • Advertising: Advertising any websites is not tolerated and is not allowed in this forum, even through PMs. If you are caught doing this, you shall receive a warning form the staff. If you did this again, it will be issued as a serious warning and your bar will decrease.
  • Plagiarizing: Copying or stealing another one's work is not tolerated. If you are however caught doing this, you will be given a serious warning. The object you stole will be removed from your post.
  • Dimensions of an Image: The maximum size of an image is 500x500. Each and every image posted in this forum must not exceed the said size, if there is one that did exceed it, the poster of this image will be requested by a member of the staff team to resize it.


  • Any content that contains negative things is not tolerated in this forum. Hateful, pornographic, insulting, racist, and hurtful content must always be avoided. If you are in conflict with another member, please use private messages to settle things out.
  • You must respect the administrators and managers. They are not robots, they are humans too and they need to be respected. Every move made by the staff has a reason behind it, and that reason is for the good of the members as well as the forum.
  • Please respect each member here in the forum. They have feelings and rights to be respected.
  • If you had received a PM containing anything that is against the rules, please PM an administrator about this topic with the content. Please do not post a topic about it.
  • Do not moderate other members. This is the mangers and the administrators' job, moderating is reserved for staff only.
  • Having multiple accounts on this forum is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

Profile and Signatures

  • Your avatar must not exceed the dimensions 175x250. If it does, we will remind you about resizing your avatar. If this rule was disobeyed for the third time, the user who disobeyed it will be banned from displaying an avatar for a whole month. If this was disobeyed for the fourth time, the user will be banned from displaying an avatar forever.
  • Your avatar and signature must not contain any content that is against the rules of the forum.
  • Only members with 50+ posts are allowed to use a signature.


  • If you want a username change, please report this to an administrator with your current username, wanted username, and the reason you wanted to change it. Only members with 50+ posts are allowed to do this, and they can only do this once every three months.

Warning Bars

  • Warning bars determine how close you are to being banned.

    The full warning bar is the bar you have form the start. This bar means you follow the rules and check it frequently. It looks like this:
    The quarter-less warning bar is the second bar you will have if you disobey the rules. It means you were given three reminders, but still, you made your way in getting a serious warning. It looks like this:
    The half full bar is the bar you will gain if you frequently disobey the rules. It means you previously have a quarter-less warning bar, but still, you received 2 warnings and a serious warning for disobeying the rules. It looks like this:
    The quarter-full bar is the bar you will gain after receiving a warning and a serious warning. It looks like this:
    The empty bar means after gaining the quarter-full bar, you received a serious warning. It looks like this:

    If your warning bar decreased and you think it was a mistake, please PM a manager or an administrator about it with the reason you think it should be a full bar again. This rule only works for those who have a 75% full bar.

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Forum Rules
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